What sets us apart from other rice producers

We, Semi Di Riso GmbH, based in Switzerland, have specialized in the pesticide- and fungicide-free cultivation of sustainably produced brown rice, which is produced without chemical fertilization. This allows us to offer you a healthier, fair and natural alternative to conventional rice products.

100% Natural

We do not use pesticides or fungicides. For a healthy product and a healthy environment. We only use natural, self-made fertilizers, which are naturally degradable.

Without artificial fertilizers

We completely avoid synthetic or hybrid fertilizers or genetically modified microorganisms. We only use biodegradable fertilizer that we have developed ourselves. For more biodiversity.

Quality that is checked

Because we have high quality standards, we leave our rice
regularly from independent Swiss institutes
Check pollution levels.

Water saving

With our special cultivation method, much less water is required for cultivation than with conventional cultivation methods.

Fairly handled and treated

It is important to us that the farmers are paid fairly and that their existence is secured. We also fully cover the initial costs that farmers incur when converting their business to our cultivation method, thereby making organic farming attractive again.