Unsere Idee

In 2013 we started growing rice in Ticino CH for fun. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. The rice dried up, the rice was blown away by the wind, hailed, it was too cold or the weeds sprouted so much that we could no longer find the rice.

This went on until around 2017 - no harvest - no success.

At the same time, harvests in Thailand declined. Most crop failures were caused by drought or too much rain. Many farmers who had planted brown rice had to give up because the soil around them was poisoned with pesticides and the farmers could no longer get good prices for their harvests.

It became clear to us and some rice farmers in Thailand that new cultivation methods were needed!

We developed the right cultivation methods for different situations. But all of our cultivation methods have one thing in common;

We rely on dry farming, so we need little water and are therefore

climate neutral and pesticide free .

Foundation of Semi di Riso

In 2017 we started importing rice from Thai farmers into Switzerland. We at Semi di Riso and a lot of customers were tired of eating pesticide and fungicide contaminated rice so we imported our own brown rice from our own farmers.

A small, loyal customer base emerged. We were unable to advertise because the yield from the existing cultivated areas was quickly used up. In 2022 we came into contact with larger buyers who, due to security of supply, wanted to increase the quantity grown
as well as import from different regions. In autumn 2022 we founded Semi di Riso GmbH.

Where do we grow?

We have managed to gain a foothold in other countries with our water-saving cultivation methods. We are currently represented in Thailand with rice production in 7 growing regions. We have also started with a first cultivation area in India and two cultivation areas in Ethiopia. In the Swiss growing area (Ticino region)
and the new growing region in the Caribbean, we will focus exclusively on seed production.